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Alesis 3630: the sound of french house (and Daft Punk’s secret weapon)…

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I recently found a compressor in my spare room, a compressor famous for shaping the sounds of french house.

I present to you, the raw output of this classic compressor… Also I sorta try to rip off older daft punk…


The song sampled : 

Squeeze The Fruit - The Commodores


what compressor is it zim?

alesis 3630 you can read up about it, people will say its shit but i promise it gives that correct french house pump

thanks ive been looking to get some new equipment,

sounds great!


for about 60 bucks you can get the compressor, you can also mod it to sound better, its a steal for this genre

ill probably try and pick one up if i get the chance, thanks for the recommendation.
do you have links to any mod stuff?


not sure how to do any of them, i cant open anything cause i will have the curse of making it break

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"Bachelor Party jamz" is a compilation of bro-jams from my youth, full of brash, reckless music for young men trying to capture one last romp through the revelry of youth.

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"Sevenversary" is a mixtape I made for Lauren to celebrate our 7th anniversary dating (and by this mixtape we were engaged!)

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"Sweet Sixversary" is a mixtape I made for Lauren to celebrate our sixth anniversary of dating.

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"The First Four Years" is a compilation of songs from mixtapes I made for Lauren during the few years when we were dating long distance and mixtapes were a love letter I could send her.  Kind of a remix of mixtapes if you will…

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The gift of a mixtape was very personal. Often they were made for exactly one person, no one else. A radio program with one listener. Each song, carefully chosen, with love and humor, as if to say, “This is who I am, and by this tape you will know me better.” The song choice and sequence allowed the giver to say what one might be too shy to say outright. The songs contained on a mixtape from a lover were scrutinized carefully for clues and metaphors that might reveal the nuances and deeper meanings secreted in the emotional cargo. Other people’s music—ordered and collected in infinitely imaginative ways—became a new form of expression.
David Byrne, excerpt from “How Music Works”

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"Black Angel’s Death Song" covered by Beck and friends, as part of his Record Club project covering the entire Velvet Underground & Nico record (via en-melody)

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"Who Loves the Sun" by The Velvet Underground

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“I Second That Emotion” by Smokey Robinson

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I want to start with a song, something that if I had written it 50 years before now, it would have meant something and today it’s gonna mean something and 50 years from now its gonna mean something.

Smokey Robinson on “I Second That Emotion” in a guest DJ session on All Songs Considered

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