My 2012 Summer in the City mixtape features music by Neon Indian, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, The Walkmen, The Zombies, Rogue Wave, Cake, and Bob Dylan.

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Here’s my annual Summer in the City mixtape, my 6th annual playlist celebrating the sounds of the season. Rather than building a playlist of summertime radio mega-hits, I like to build a fresh mix each year combing songs both new and old!  Perfect for a day by the beach, roadtrips across statelines, or just lounging on your front porch.

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My 2013 Summer in the City mixtape features music by Caribou, Discovery, Washed Out, Rodriguez, Darwin Deez, The Box Tops, MGMT, and The Beach Boys.

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The sun is up and the air is sweet and sweaty, so it must be Summer once again.  This year we begin appropriately on a Summer Friday, so to start the season I’ve created my 8th annual “Summer in the City” mixtape!

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Every summer for the past eight years I’ve made a playlist for the season, perfect to roll down the windows in your car and feel the breeze cooling from the sweltering warmth of the blacktop.  I call this mix series my Summer in the City mixtape, and the 2014 edition features music from diverse musicians, including: The Kinks, Beck, Galaxie 500, Vampire Weekend, Neil Young, Television, Pokey LaFarge, and The Flaming Lips.

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"Do You Realize" cover by Fossil Colective

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The Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize??” is an iconic masterpiece of a song that everyone knows and everyone holds sentimental value to. It’s a song that will lift your spirits after a long, excruciating day at work. A song that will have you swaying with your arms wrapped over your friends as you sing in unison in a crowded bar. A song that no matter how many times you hear it, you’ll always belt the words and reminisce on the first time it graced your speakers.

With something that carries so much consciousness and capacity, it’s hard not to hold high standards when someone attempts making it their own. Cue Leeds two-piece, Fossil Collective. Their beautifully harmonious vocals combined with an unprecedented use of multi-instrumentals gives these guys the necessary elements for success when covering such a widely adored song. Melodious, serene and altogether tear-worthy, “Do You Realize??” extracts you from chaos and drops you in the depths of the woods, leaving you only with your thoughts and raw emotion.

Give this track a listen and let their gorgeous orchestra of instruments sweep over you and enchant you from every possible angle.

Written by Devin Duckworth via Indie Shuffle

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This remix is EPIC!

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I missed Beck. And I guess now I have to get into Philip Glass.

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"Jump into the Fire" by Harry Nilsson

You climb a mountain,
you can swim the sea,
you can jump into the fire,
but you’ll never be free.

This song gets me to turn the volume up and roll the windows down everytime, whether I’m riding around the block or cruising down the highway.

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"J;ai Dormi Sous L’eau" by Air

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"Twelve Roses" by Beach Fossils 

And I don’t know what I’m doing here and I

Can’t say why you would be here

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If you listen to only 90 seconds of music this year, make them the ones between 1:14 and 2:44 in “Ya Yumma,” in which a keyboard solo screams across the sky in ways that need to be heard to be believed.

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"Hand Springs" by The White Stripes

I was scared to lose her
so I couldn’t help but being mean.

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